Uncertain times are all too familiar now and are bringing with it a period of reimagination, reinvention and responsiveness.

Many businesses are having to restructure with reduced capabilities, resources and capacity impacting day-to-day business activity.

Forge remains focused on our efficiencies, capabilities and supply chain meaning we’re now in a strong position to help you through this uncertain time and help meet your new business objectives.

Here’s how we can help.

Our flexible supply model allows us to manufacture to your wants and needs. With an impressive global supply chain and ability to stock, manage WIP and trade directly with China we can tailor a supply model that’s specific to your requirements. Whether you’re a startup or multinational we can supply from hundreds to millions, worldwide.

  • Next day stock for JIT manufacturing
  • Planned production against schedules and forecast
  • Stocking agreements to cover unpredictable demand
  • Single pack to palletised and containerised despatches
  • Deliveries direct to line

Short on capacity or capability in design? We have unrivalled technical expertise that includes mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical and production capabilities to allow you access to a bigger team as much or as little as you need, to help deliver your ideal solution. We can contribute most when we are involved most  – bringing systems thinking to the project, not just isolated expertise.

Forge has mastered Intra-Asia trading, enabling your Chinese manufacturing partner to order production directly from Forge Asia enjoying efficiencies, reduced costs and a reduced carbon footprint that comes with it. Of course, you retain the expertise of the Forge UK team as well, the best of both worlds in today’s demanding design and manufacturing sector where value for money is as a prerequisite.

In the complex world we currently live, our manufacturing capacity is strong and we are taking advantage of this as some market sectors take time to recover. Reduced lead times, low tooling costs and overall greater flexibility is now possible on some manufacturing requirements. Find out more about our Manufacturing Process here.

We’re committed to our customers and we are in a good position to work through this challenging time together. We have been around for 27 years, have a list of achievements under our belt, we are, secure, we are efficient, we are focused on customer needs and we want to work with you to help make the future a success.