Commercial Lighting Case Study

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Lighting for a commercial environment can be very demanding and diverse. This particular project had very aspirational efficiency targets and challenging light output targets combined with an existing luminaire that would not be changed – not even the diffuser.

  • Careful LED selection to enable the aspirational targets to be met
  • Rapid prototyping to test within the existing luminaire
  • Photometric testing – prove new product achieved goals and provide IES, LDT files for client


Manufacture a low cost LED light engine to retrofit in an existing 2D luminaire.


  • High lumen output target
  • High efficiency targets
  • No changes to current luminaire
  • Low cost target
  • Even illumination when used with existing diffuser


A 99 LED 200mm FR4 light engine populated with mid-power LEDs. Achieving 166lm/w and 3630lm from the bare PCB. Industry standard push-fit connectors for ease of assembly and mounting hole positioning and sizes compatible with existing gear tray.

Volumes 250 – 8,000

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