Helipad Optic Case Study

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A helideck perimeter system needed to adhere to CAP437 standards. We worked with the client to design and manufacture a custom precision optic compatible with green and amber LEDs to work in their existing luminaire and meet the strict tolerances and standards required.

  • Raytrace optic design and simulation
  • Thermal considerations due to application conditions
  • LED selection - tight bin control and flux variations due to application conditions
  • Precision optic prototyping and manufacturing


Manufacture a precision optic to meet various CAP standards that can withstand thermal shocks and is compatible with existing luminaire design.


  • CAP 437 standards
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Thermal conditions of the application
  • Impact resistance
  • Light intensity


A glass optic with excellent transmission properties that handles thermal shocks well, fits with existing luminaire and is tested to standards.

Volumes 500 – 25,000

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BSI / ISO 14001 9001