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Forge developed a backlighting solution for even illumination of LCD petrol pump displays. We considered luminance for even light distribution and achieve optimal contrast ratios through use of the latest optical plastics, reflective coatings and LED technology.

  • Bin selection – tight colour control
  • Manufacturing and packaging process – high volume production supplied in vacuum packed trays
  • Prototyping and testing to check compatibility with customers application


Manufacture uniformly illuminated backlights in 2 sizes to be used together for the illumination of LCD petrol pump displays


  • Very low cost target
  • Even illumination
  • Restricted area below LCD
  • Ease of assembly onto PCB required
  • Very high volume supply
  • Colour consistency required


Optical grade plastic backlight with through hole tombstone LEDs mounted for even illumination. Reflective rear and edge coating applied and selected chip for tight binning control.

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