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Low voltage LED lighting at affordable prices facilitates the adoption of LED technology within the leisure sector. This project required LED solutions compatible with 12V and 24V variable power supply. An important requirement was for the final product to not look like LED providing a homogenous light source. The constraints of the installation directed the solution to being low profile and compact.

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  • LED selection to achieve light levels required
  • Thermal design to ensure suitability in small spaces
  • Diffuser used to meet clients requirements
  • Tight binning control for colour consistency


Manufacture a very low profile ceiling light for installation into small ceiling voids that provides a medium beam of light, which does not look like LED.


  • Low ceiling voids
  • Homogenous light output
  • Variable voltage operation
  • Highly decorative application


Slim line, low profile 3 LED downlight. A highly decorative front bezel and diffused front cover gives the homogenous light source and more traditional feel to the solutions. Suitable for variable voltage supply.

Volumes 5,000 – 100,000

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