Passenger Information Case Study

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Forge developed a backlighting solution for the even illumination of front of bus signs. Colour consistency and custom binning was key to the project and the variable voltage supply was also a consideration before beginning volume production.

  • LED selection to meet luminance target
  • Prototyping and testing within clients application
  • Electronics – on-board variable voltage control


Manufacture and LED solution to replace existing fluorescent product. Solution to at least meet the current levels provided by the fluorescent whilst reducing power consumption and dramatically increasing product life.


  • Very even illumination
  • Must work with variable voltage supply
  • Long life operation
  • Easy to assemble into existing blind unit


A double sided FR4 PCBA with through hole vias populated with wide angle mid power LEDs, precision placed for even illumination. On-board variable voltage control to cater 18V to 32V. Custom colour binning for consistency and repeatability and various sizes available for front, rear and side passenger signage.

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