Undershelf Illumination Case Study

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Lighting within the retail sector can make or break sales. That’s why quality LED lighting solutions – that address high CRI R9 and R16 to enhance the products being sold – put light exactly where it is needed and offer high lumen maintenance are crucial.

We supply a host of solutions into the retail OEM market that incorporate clever optical technology for tight beams and general illumination with timeless design. Whatever you are looking for; linear solutions, downlights or visual merchandising enhancement we can work it out.

  • LED selection - to achieve lumen target and also perform optically
  • Thermal design to ensure efficiency and lifetime targets are met
  • Benchmark photometry to establish where light was being lost on a traditional solution


Create under shelf illumination that wastes no light and replaces power hungry fluorescent lighting.


  • Existing mains powered infrastructure
  • Putting the light where it is required (not the floor)
  • Mechanical fittings for ease of installation


An IMS PCB populated with high power LEDs combined with a thermally efficient heatsink for improved lifetime. Fully adjustable end brackets for easy installation. Snap function to PCB to enable shorter lengths from single PCB design.

Volumes 500 – 25,000

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