White Goods Illumination Case Study

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Working with mains and low voltage supply options with the use of custom heatsinks, optical light guide technology and a fundamental understanding of LED technology, applications such as fuel bed oven cavity illumination have been achieved. This project involved development of a solution for a domestic electric fire that needed to be ultra-low cost.

  • Careful LED selection to replace existing halogen lamp
  • Electronics design for suitable mains input
  • Thermal design to ensure product lifetime


To replace a single mains powered halogen lamp to illuminate a hologram flame effect panel and fuel bed in a domestic electric fire and increase product life.


  • The low cost of the existing halogen lamp
  • The illuminated colour of the hologram and fuel bed
  • The brightness of the illumination on the hologram and fuel bed
  • The ease of assembly into the fire in a mass production environment
  • Factory electrical tests and protocol
  • Certification to relevant standards


A double sided FR4 PCB populated with high power LED. PCB designed with appropriate creepage and clearance provision. Supplied with mains LED driver and wiring loom. Wiring loom insulated appropriately to meet Class II product requirements. Tight colour binning control with single colour binning for colour consistency.

Volumes 1,000 – 25,000

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