Continual development and a focus on innovation mean we’re always designing solutions to get efficiencies up and costs down.

Our latest developments include greater custom optic capabilities to benefit you.

Zoom. Keep your options open and optic count down. With a simple rotating system, the zoom capability allows you to adjust the beam angle with just a single optic and a twist.

Hidden. Have you struggled to achieve low glare and a wide beam? When recessing your lighting product to achieve a low glare finish you can compromise your beam angle. Wide-angle optics often become

Ultra-efficient. This lens is designed to improve the extraction of light from your LED and enhance the transmission of light into the lens with the use of specialised potting material.

Shaped beams. Achieve greater design flexibility from a single optic with snap-on beam shapers. These clever bits of plastic manipulate the light to give you the desired effect.

Composite. The perfect pairing with a COB. combining refraction and reflection these low profile lenses will give you a clearly defined narrow beam.

Super slim. Create smaller, more compact luminaires with a super slim optic that creates great light distribution with minimal lens height.

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