LED Heat Management

LED Heat Management Capabilities

Effective thermal management is fundamental to the design of a complete LED solution.
We use the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics technology to simulate and analyse custom heatsink designs to optimise thermal efficiency. Our engineers can quickly evaluate and iterate designs before prototyping to reduce design time. We can take your design from idea to prototype to production rapidly and with confidence. And our laboratories have the thermal metrology capabilities to demonstrate design compliance.
Latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software
Improve thermal

Custom Heatsink Design
and Manufacture

We design LED cooling systems with a wide variety of manufacturing techniques and materials.  Manufacturing techniques include extrusion, diecasting, stamping and injection moulding.  Materials include metals, plastics and composites.  The look and feel of LED products can be dominated by the shape and appearance of cooling systems so we often need to design to meet aesthetic requirements as well as physical specifications.

Advantages of Forge handling your thermals


Add unique value to your products by customisation


Access to our knowledge and expertise at every step


Optimised cooling also optimises optical efficiency


Design from first principles using CFD simulation

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