We’re not just LED experts – we can design and manufacture all the bits you need for a great solution.

LED selection

The LED is fundamental to your complete solution. Light output, colour rendition (CRI), efficiency, binning and cost are all considerations when selecting the best LED device for you.

We then crack on with the PCB design using 3D CAD software. During this stage in design board yield, good thermal conductivity and uniformity are just a few of the areas we take care of.

LED Selection

Custom Optic

When you’ve got challenging LOR targets, impossible standards to meet and want a great looking solution a custom optic is the future. We’ll design the custom optic to meet your requirements and work with the LED we select. Our optical engineers use the latest ray trace software to simulate distribution of luminous intensity, illuminance and flux. This allows them to establish the best optic design that becomes an integral part of your solutions, enhancing aesthetics, minimising light pollution, increasing control over emitted light and maximising overall efficiency.

Thermal Design

Throughout the whole design we’re always thinking about thermals – to avoid overheating and other issues that can occur. In addition to thermal analysis during PCB material selection we can design and manufacture your own custom heatsink in conjunction with your custom LED PCBA. We use the very latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology to calculate thermal resistance and analyse the best heatsink geometrics for your solution. Our manufacturing capabilities mean that no design is off limits.


From low voltage designs to on-board electronics when space is tight but power is critical. We include the electronics design as part of the full package.