High-quality flexible LED – is exactly that!

We design and manufacture our flexible LED solution for phenomenal performance and longevity. Flexible LED creates the most stunning of lighting effects, so who wants LEDs that fail? If it’s cheap and cheerful it will come at a price. We put our money where our mouth is. We generate millions of hours of LED life data for our flexible LED strips every year all from our in-house test lab.

To date, we have shipped 100s of kilometres of flexible strip – with ZERO failures.

How do we ensure the highest quality? We undertake extensive long-term testing of our flexible LED products.

  • Each year we generate a total of 35 million hours of LED life data for flexible strips in our in-house lab
  • Our long-term test facility comprises a climate controlled environment in which the strips are operated 24/7 at 25°C and periodically measured
  • After 17,000 hours, the average output of our flexible strips is 93.7% of their initial output

From lorries to lifts, shelves to stairwells, bandits to buses and everything in-between, flexible LED is the perfect solution for product enhancement with ease. Go quality, go consistent, go Forge.