Custom optics from Forge allow you to have a bespoke optic for your product that performs exceptionally and adds real value. Forge also offer standard optics from leading manufacturers.

Custom LED Optics


Enabling better more efficient use of the light emitted a custom LED optic maximises performance and creates real added value to your overall solution. From a single optic for task lighting to a multi array lens for street lighting, a custom optic can cut down on assembly time, reduce your BOM significantly and give you a unique selling point.

Our custom capabilities include:

  • Zoom – offering the ability to adjust beam angle whilst maximising the efficiency of the system
  • Hidden – achieving low glare and maximal beam angle via the use of converging light
  • Ultra efficient – specialised optics that maximise light extraction and transmission from LED emitter to your custom lens
  • Shaped beams – tailored light patterns to suit your requirements
  • Composite refractive and reflective approaches – a combination of technologies to enable clearly-defined narrow angle beams from COB LEDs
  • Super slim lenses – intelligently designed using multiple surfaces to achieve outstanding light distribution from a low-profile lens

Our know-how is your best kept secret. We make your life as easy as possible; by providing our expertise, sharing our knowledge and supporting you on all the little things.

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