Custom LED Electronics

A close-up photograph of a modern electronic circuit board with various components soldered onto it. The board features intricate traces and patterns connecting the components, indicating a complex electrical design. The image conveys the concept of advanced technology and electronics manufacturing.

Custom LED Electronics Design Capability

We at Forge have extensive experience in all aspects of designing and manufacturing electronics to support high-quality LED products and solutions.
LED optics are an excellent lighting solution for a broad range of environments, but when combined with customised LED electronics, you can enjoy the benefits of an advanced lighting system capable of achieving remarkable results.

Forge prides itself on working closely with our clients through every step of our linked capabilities. Starting with these designs, we can create prototypes and manufacture entire runs of your custom LED drivers and power supplies.
Electronics design to support all aspects of LED products
Extensive experience of switched-mode power supply design
Full simulation & modelling capabilities
Turnkey service including hardware, software, firmware, IoT

Advanced LED Production Engineering

Production engineering – the design of products for manufacture – is hugely important in electronics hardware design.
After all, a design is only practical if it can be made, and our expert team at Forge have both broad & deep expertise in the production engineering of LED products, having manufactured our own LED components for nearly three decades.

As custom LED power supply manufacturers, we have worked with various electronic solutions, especially DC & AC LED power supplies. We also create bespoke LED drivers that can be connected to advanced remote control setups such as Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

With all elements of your LEDs created under one roof, you can be confident that the custom LED optics and thermal system designs will be supported by these power and control systems to create a reliable LED lighting solution.
A close-up photograph showing a sampling process in progress. Various containers and equipment are arranged on a tabletop, indicating a sampling setup. The scene suggests a controlled environment for collecting and analysing samples in a laboratory or industrial setting

Custom LED Driver Manufacturers Across UK, Asia and the EU

Forge operates several manufacturing facilities across the UK, Asia and the EU to provide efficient, international services. 

Following our design service, you can take advantage of our highly flexible production capability and select various batch sizes of tens to millions of LEDs. In addition, our international contacts can use flexible manufacturing routes to ensure we meet the design requirements within budget.

Advantages of Forge Custom LED Electronics

Full service

We can design and manufacture every aspect of your LED electronics


We’ve been designing and manufacturing LEDs for nearly 30 years


We’re a full range of design and production test capabilities

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