Oven Illumination

We developed a halogen replacement for a domestic electric oven to provide maintenance-free illumination of oven cavities.  
LED selection and testing – high lumen device with tight colour bin control
Thermal and heatsink design for suitability in the application environment
Manufacturing process considered throughout the design to meet thermal, cost and performance targets

The Challenge

To replace existing halogen lamp technology with highly reliable maintenance-free LED technology.
LED engine thermally designed for a 10-year appliance service life under extreme thermal conditions
Tight colour (CCT) binning
High-temperature application
Ease of assembly in a mass production environment
Kanban mass volume supply model

The Solution 

Custom designed heatsink with high emissivity coating
Highly thermally conductive IMS PCB
Supplied with auto crimp wire PCB connection
Wire loom connectors and wire all industry-standard high temperature rated.

The Result

Thermally efficient single LED solution supplied in very high volume direct to our clients manufacturing sites. Supplied with wire loom connectors for easy assembly. Life time tested to 10-year service life in a high temperature application. Volumes >100,000 pcs per year.

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