Custom LED Optic Design & Manufacturing

A close-up photograph of various optical components, including lenses and prisms, arranged on a table. The components exhibit different shapes, sizes, and reflective properties, indicating a diverse range of optical elements used in various applications such as imaging systems or scientific instruments.

LED Optic Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

Our optical engineers use the latest ray trace software to bring your ideas to light in line with parameters such as luminous intensity, illuminance, and flux. 
This helps to establish the best optic system design that becomes an integral part of your unique LED solution.

We encourage an open, honest discussion about your needs and goals. Our world-class optical engineers will work with you through every stage of our fool-proof process. Once the design is approved, we’ll provide production representative samples, testing and volume production.

Forge is here to help from the initial designs through prototyping and every step leading to manufacturing your brand-new custom LED optics.
Put light exactly where you want it
Meet regulatory standards
Create real USPs
for your product

LED Optics Manufacturing Across UK, Asia and the EU

Our multiple manufacturing facilities across the UK, Asia and the EU can manufacture various LED solutionsLED driversmodules, sub-assemblies and components.

Our production capability is highly flexible and can accommodate start-up volumes (tens to hundreds of parts) through series production (thousands to millions). 

We pride ourselves on providing a flexible manufacturing route to meet your needs and budget.
A close-up photograph of optical lenses arranged in a precision assembly. The lenses exhibit reflective surfaces and geometric shapes, suggesting high-quality optical components used in various applications such as cameras, microscopes, or telescopes.
A close-up photograph showing an array of optical lenses and other optical components arranged on a table. The lenses vary in size and shape, indicating a diverse selection for different optical applications. The components are neatly organized, suggesting a professional setting such as a laboratory or optical workshop.

LED Optic Benefits

Key reasons to consider LED optics include enhanced aesthetics, minimised light pollution, increased control over emitted light and maximised overall efficiency.

Custom LED optics are designed to suit your exact needs. The number one benefit of investing in customised optic designs is product differentiation. 

A custom LED optic solution is often an enabling product differentiator, a brand emphasis and a key unique selling point.

LED Optic Materials

We design and manufacture LED optic systems with a wide range of materials and, in many cases, a combination of materials. 
Here are just some of the materials we work with:
Glasses – ideal for exterior, heavy duty applications and decorative optics

Polycarbonates – ideal for interior use when space is tight and where temperatures are high

Acrylics – outstanding for large lenses and lower operating temperatures

Silicones – for outdoor use, challenging environments and innovative geometries

Alloys – aluminium reflectors with various surface coatings for large-area applications

Highest Quality Custom LED Optics From Forge

One Stop Shop

We don’t just design optics in isolation, we design your whole LED product


Better optical efficiency, lower overall cost, longer life


Our optics design & manufacturing team have decades of experience


Manufacturing to ISO:9001 standards and to your specific requirements

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