LED Choice

A close-up photograph of an array of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) arranged on a panel. The LEDs emit bright light and are organized in a grid pattern, suggesting a display or lighting application. The image showcases the uniformity and brightness of the LED array.

LED Choice Capabilities

It can seem a daunting task to try to pick the best LED for your product given that there are so many manufacturers with so many product lines.
We’ve unrivalled knowledge of the global LED market having been designing and manufacturing LED components and LED solutions since the 1990’s.  So we’ll help guide you through the increasingly complex LED landscape so that you can pick the best LED for the job.  And remember that optimal LED choice is as much a commercial one as a technical one – it’s no use picking the best technical solution if it does not meet your budget, has unacceptable lead time or might go end of life.
Access to an unrestricted
global LED portfolio
Optimize budget, lifetime requirements and optical requirements
Pick the right LED for the job
Expertise at 
your fingertips

LED Choice Benefits

We consider ourselves LED Experts for good reason.  Our LED experience covers a hugely diverse range of industries and markets and this means that the skills we learn from one industry can often have benefits in another.  And we’ve been in the LED business for nearly 3 decades.  So even if your industry or market is new to us we’re highly confident we can add value and provide service.
A close-up photograph of a precision-engineered metal component, showcasing intricate details and fine craftsmanship. The surface exhibits a smooth texture with geometric patterns, highlighting the attention to detail in manufacturing.

Advantages of Forge assisting your LED Choice


We’re bang up to date with the very latest LED technology

We do the maths

Our team will do the calculations and help you select the best LED for the job


We live and breathe LEDs, get the benefit of all our knowledge


We’ve nearly 30 years of LED experience

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