Helipad 'H' and Position Marker Custom Optic

We worked with our client to design and manufacture a custom precision optic to meet the stringent needs of Civil Aviation Authority standard CAP 437 for offshore helipad landing lights.
Raytrace optic design and simulation
Thermal considerations due to application conditions
LED selection - tight bin control and flux variations due to application conditions
Precision optic prototyping and manufacturing

The Challenge

Design and manufacture a precision optic to meet Civil Aviation Authority CAP 437 standard that can withstand huge thermal and mechanical stress.
CAP 437 standards
Thermal efficiency
Thermal conditions of the application
Impact resistance
Light intensity

The Solution 

Precision glass optic 
Excellent transmission properties
Fits into existing luminaire
Tested to standards

The Result

A glass optic designed and manufactured with minimal design iterations and prototyping.

Manufactured in volumes of 500 to 25,000 delivered to our customer and ready to hit their production line.

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