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Forge has been designing and manufacturing LED streetlights for many years. After initial conversations with our client, we discovered that this project involved quickly creating a fully customisable LED light source. As the project developed, it became a more complex project to design from scratch and realised production in a short timescale, a complete exterior LED light engine that could address a range of luminaire sizes for street and highway lighting.

The Challenge

Our customer, a multi-award-winning international innovator in exterior lighting, challenged us to design a fully custom LED light source for streets from scratch. A key requirement was to meet the diverse requirements of public street lighting in a single design. This meant creating a successful design that simultaneously addressed public safety and any additional requirements. After an initial assessment, we realised it would involve the following:
Mathematical modelling of theoretical light distributions before custom optic design.
Best-in-class LED light source selection for the application.
Custom optic design using ray-tracing & surface optimisation algorithms.
As LED street lighting manufacturers, we were confident that we could create an industry-first solution; a unique one-light-fits-all solution to be successfully applied to a broad range of street lighting scenarios.

The Solution 

An extensive review of existing standards for street lighting was initially conducted so we could meet them with our LED street light design. From this, theoretical 3D light distributions were mathematically modelled and analysed in a wide range of street lighting schemes.
The result of modelling was a ‘target’ ray distribution that could be used as a specification for a custom LED lens design. After extensive research on the global market, the most appropriate LED for the job was chosen. Lens design was conducted iteratively using ray trace CAD software in parallel with work on the electronics, heatsink & ingress protection system.

With design integration, complete high-accuracy rapid prototype custom LED optics were produced. Our initial prototype was reviewed as a success, and we immediately progressed to production tooling. Mass production rapidly followed in volumes of tens of thousands of units.

The Result

Our expert engineers created simply one of the best-combined LED street light engines in the world, leaving our clients with significantly positive results for their application.

LED Street Light Manufacturers

At Forge, we are very proud to have designed and manufactured this successful lighting solution. Our dedicated team members will apply their varied capabilities to your next challenge and provide effective results. As expert LED street lighting manufacturers, we develop our lighting solution all in-house, from LED design, prototyping and LED manufacturing to ensure the quality of our products for all our clients.

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