EV Charging

These projects involve designing and developing complete indicator and charging status systems to be incorporated into our various customer's electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.
Fully programmable
Open circuit
Complete system of the status indicator, control board and courtesy lights
Production representative prototypes in less than 2 months

The Challenge

There are always unique specifications required when developing bespoke EV charging stations. Here are some examples of those challenges:
The EV LED status indicator will need to provide 360° indication for the user and be visible in direct sunlight whilst also having a homogeneous light source. It will also need to be IP65 sealed and operate in a varied temperature range.
Custom & combined charge status LED indicators provide highly effective results for EV charging station design. However, they require a courtesy lighting system with control electronics taking commands over TCP/IP.
Bespoke Control interfaces need custom control electronics designed to receive the previously mentioned TCP/IP commands and then independently control the charge status indicators.
The LED indicator should be visible to drivers whilst in their vehicles as well as to pedestrians. Intensity should be adjustable to maintain the LED lights visibility during the day but prevent it from being a hazard at night. In addition, indication states should be assigned colours for easy identification. For example, blue = available, blue flashing = connecting to car, green = charging, and red = fault state.
The LED courtesy lights should provide illumination of the charge connector and surrounding area to improve the user's experience. This area must be IP65 or greater and must be low profile to enable surface mount installation.

The Solution 

Fortunately, our expert team is well-equipped to adapt our capabilities to meet the unique needs of our customer's custom LEDs for EV stations. Here are some examples of how Forge overcomes these challenges with LED solutions for EV charging stations:
LED Charge status indicators with custom injection moulded housings, colour matched to the individual customers' charger.
Custom optical systems are designed, prototyped and manufactured in-house at Forge, featuring a primary reflector and secondary lenticular control surface. The custom reflector collects and directs the light at the required vertical angles; the lenticular optic then spreads the light on the horizontal plane to remove visible point sources and create a homogeneous output.
The LED indicator is IP65 sealed and features a PTFE membrane to prevent condensation and damage to sealing due to pressure and temperature variation.
The LED custom courtesy lights are CNC stainless steel luminaires designed to be flush fit and screw into M18 threaded hole. Featuring a custom optic to project illumination forward of the charger.
Reliable weather resistance thanks to the IP66, IK10 with open circuit protection.
Precise control electronics are created with a custom electronic design that features two independently controlled boost converters. Accepts TCP/IP input commands. Fully programmable microcontroller to allow flexibility in control of the status indicator and courtesy lighting.

The Results

At Forge, we use innovative rapid prototyping techniques to deliver initial fully-functional prototype systems for trials & demonstration in two months. This allows our customers to demonstrate and market their EV charging solution within extreme time pressure and deadlines. In addition, complete system manufacturing is optimised for low-hundreds of units and beyond.

LED Manufacturing for EV Charging Stations

As experts in LED design, testing and manufacturing, our teams have a broad range of capabilities to solve any challenges our customers bring regarding EV charging stations.
With our unrivalled LED knowledge, technical ability, and experience within multiple sectors, your specific needs can be fulfilled with one of our many services.

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