LED Prototyping

A 3D printer in operation, creating a three-dimensional object layer by layer. The printer's nozzle moves along a predefined path, depositing molten material onto the build plate. The image captures the additive manufacturing process, highlighting the precision and complexity involved in creating 3D-printed objects.

Prototyping Capabilities  

With 3 decades of LED industry experience we’ve become experts at the rapid prototyping of all elements of LED products.
Out in-house capabilities are constantly expanding and include 3D printing, printed circuit board manufacture, electronics assembly, multi-axis machining and painting.  And for optical components such as LED lenses and reflectors we can make single-cavity injection mould tools which can yield pre-production samples within just a few weeks.  All of which helps to keep design cycle time to the absolute minimum.
Proof of 
concept samples

Pilot Production

Production Engineering – the design of production processes for volume manufacture – is a critical part of product design.  Our extensive experience of design for manufacture is coupled with the statistical process control and design of experiment techniques that are mandatory in some industries.
A person working in a modern workshop environment. They are focused on a task, possibly inspecting or assembling components. The workshop features industrial machinery and equipment, suggesting a setting for manufacturing or engineering activities.

Advantages of Forge handling prototyping


Prototyping helps streamline production processes and reduce design cycle time


With our in-house facilities you can have prototypes in as little as a few days


Modify tooling and make design changes with ease prior to final production

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