LED Highway Lighting Manufacturers

We have been designing world-leading LED road sign illumination to meet stringent standards for many years. Our first generation of LED solutions reduced power consumption by a third (a factor of three) compared to the incumbent fluorescent source by using off-the-shelf LED optics to direct light where it’s needed.

By customising the LED optical system, we could eliminate overly complex power supply electronics and thus improve reliability in a second-generation design. In addition, we increased efficiency by a further factor of over 4. As a result, these customised LED optical systems are ten times more efficient and environmentally friendly.

A paradigm of the combined application of custom LED optics and what we call ‘driverless’ electronics technology:
Significantly reduced power consumption
Significantly increased reliability
Reduced glare, custom optics, ‘driverless electronics’
Reduced cost
Product differentiation through customisation

The Challenge

To offer highly innovative, first-in-class LED road sign illumination from the first brief. In addition, we will continuously improve the design as new LED optic & electrical technologies become available.
LED engine thermally designed for a 10-year appliance service life under extreme thermal conditions
Tight colour (CCT) binning
High-temperature application
Ease of assembly in a mass production environment
Kanban mass volume supply model

The Solution 

As with many breakthrough LED applications, the journey started with a thorough understanding of the specifications from the first principles.

In this case, the challenge was to precisely illuminate the road sign and nothing else, with a tight specification on both absolute illumination (lux on the sign) and range of illumination (light/dark area ratio). Ray tracing CAD software was used to model the illuminance iteratively, and appropriate LEDs were selected along with off-the-shelf optics.

Trials were conducted with a calibrated CCD imaging camera that could automatically capture hundreds of illuminance measurements in a single frame offering super-efficient optical metrology. We rapidly completed the electronics and mechanical designs of the first-generation systems to allow for quick volume manufacture.

Second-generation LED road sign illuminations were later enabled with the simultaneous adoption of 3 innovative technologies:
LED optic customisation
Multi-die small form factor LEDs
Driverless electronics
While ‘driverless’ electronics can drastically reduce cost and increase reliability, there is usually a significant reduction in efficiency. This issue was balanced out by the design of full-custom optics.

The Result

The result of all this innovation was a best-in-class series of LED road sign illumination designs which enjoy a leading performance, exceptional reliability, long service life and low manufacturing cost.

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