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Reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions with our energy-efficient LED solutions. Join us in making a difference for tomorrow.
Environmental Management
Ethical Business Practices
Social Responsibility

Our Sustainability Strategy

We believe that sustainability is built on three principles: business, people, and environment. 


Business & Innovation

Innovation and environmental responsibility are at the core of our approach to developing LED solutions. We believe that sustainable products can drive positive change in the world and help us achieve our sustainability goals.
Compliance with ISO 14001
Sustainable sourcing
Circular design & manufacturing principles


Sustainability is not just about products - it's also about people. That's why we prioritise employee wellness and encourage sustainability in all aspects of our business. We believe that a healthy, engaged workforce is essential to building a sustainable future.
Career growth
Community engagement


We are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our impact on the planet. Through responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and waste reduction practices, we strive to minimise our carbon footprint and create a better world for future generations.
Electric fleet vehicles
Product Life Cycle
Carbon Reduction

Business & Innovation

Circular design and manufacturing principles

Our commitment to sustainability includes sustainable product development. Following circular design and manufacturing principles 
conserves resources by keeping materials in use for as long as possible.


Design that considers multiple lifecycles - not just one. This ensures products can be reused for similar purposes or even entirely different ones.


Products that can easily be disassembled allow for their components to be reused, replaced or recycled.


Designs which consider the use of materials that have already been recycled or can be easily recycled at the end of their lifecycle.


A sustainable and socially responsible workplace

At the heart of our sustainability strategy are our people. 


Our communal areas inside and out are shared by all employees and provide the opportunity to connect with nature, engage in teambuilding and socialise.


A culture of innovative thinking and growth is supported by a commitment to training and developing our great people. 


We're prioritising a flexible and comfortable workplace that promotes health and well-being through dynamic lighting, flexible work arrangements, and breakout areas.


Protecting the planet for a better tomorrow

We're committed to environmental management.


We're improving our resource efficiency through recycling, renewable energy and manufacturing products for longevity and recyclability. 


We're exploring solar panel installation to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. 


We're proud to have already taken significant steps towards sustainability, including reducing freight miles, minimising and reusing packaging, transitioning to electric fleet vehicles, and decreasing our energy consumption.

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