LED Heatsink Design & Thermal Management

A thermal management system comprising various cooling components, including heat sinks and fans, arranged on a circuit board. The components are designed to dissipate heat generated by electronic devices, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

LED Heat Management Capabilities

Effective thermal management is fundamental to the design of a complete LED solution. 

At Forge, our expert engineers use the latest technology and design methods to create effective LED thermal management for any lighting design.
We use the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology to simulate and analyse custom heatsink designs to optimise thermal efficiency. This advanced computational software applies mathematical simulations of realistic physics to visualise all aspects of the design before manufacturing. As a result, CFD is an effective tool for analysing thermal properties during LED heatsink design.
Our engineers will quickly evaluate and iterate designs before prototyping to reduce design time and improve effectiveness. We specialise in close communication as we rapidly take your design from idea to prototype to production. In addition, our laboratories have the thermal metrology capabilities to measure and demonstrate design compliance within the desired parameters for safety and energy efficiency.
Latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software
Improve thermal

Custom Heatsink Design
and Manufacture

At Forge, we design LED cooling systems with the latest manufacturing techniques, including extrusion, diecasting, stamping and injection moulding. We use a range of high-grade materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, to meet the specific requirements of any application.
Effective LED thermal management is crucial for long-lasting LED solutions that you can rely on. We understand that the look and feel of your LED product is just as important as its performance, and our designs strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.
We have a lot of experience manufacturing bespoke LED heatsinks for maximum performance and to suit your application perfectly. In addition, we have many capabilities to create complete LED solutions in-house; explore our additional UK-based LED manufacturing services to see what we could provide for you.
A close-up photograph of a thermal imaging camera displaying colourful thermal patterns on a screen. The camera is pointed towards a surface, revealing temperature variations through different hues. The image suggests the use of thermal imaging technology for heat detection or monitoring purposes.

Advantages of Forge handling your thermals


Add unique value to your products by customisation


Access to our knowledge and expertise at every step


Optimised cooling also optimises optical efficiency


Design from first principles using CFD simulation

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