LED Light Manufacturers

A high-tech manufacturing facility with workers operating machinery and assembling components. Conveyor belts, robotic arms, and industrial equipment fill the expansive space, indicating a modern and efficient production process

LED Light Manufacturers

As leading LED light manufacturers in the UK, we provide LED modules, LED sub-assemblies and LED components as part of our broad range of related capabilities. Our high-quality LED optics provide advanced LED lighting solutions that can achieve outstanding results in a wide range of environments.
Manufacturing in UK, EU & Asia
Volume capability ranges from start-up to mass production
State of the art quality accredited processes and plant
Manufacturing to suit your budget

Here are just some of our manufacturing capabilities:

Electronics assembly – surface mount, through-hole, box build
Plastic parts – injection moulded plastics, over moulding, surface finishing
Metal parts – extrusions, diecasting, machining, surface finishing
Packaging – bulk, retail, recyclable
A view of a single piece of industrial equipment in a manufacturing facility. The equipment is central to the production process and is surrounded by a clean and organized workspace. The image highlights the importance of this specific machinery in the manufacturing operation.

Advanced LED Luminaire Manufacturers

We are internationally recognised as a high-quality LED module manufacturer providing custom LED electronics, including LED Drivers, for various industries. We pride ourselves on our ability to become one with your team and to maintain a robust and honest dialogue with our clients so we can be confident they will be happy with the results.
Work with our expert LED engineers through the complete process from initial concepts, designs, prototypes and final production.

LED Component Manufacturers

With everything required to create reliable, bespoke LED designs under one roof, we are confident in the quality of everything we manufacture. We conduct quality assessments at every stage of production, and we’re quality accredited to ISO:9001 and ISO:14001.
With multiple manufacturing locations in the UK, EU and Asia, we have the flexibility to offer the most cost-effective and appropriate manufacturing route for your requirements. Our manufacturing capacity is highly scalable and ranges from start-up (tens to hundreds) to series production (thousands to millions).

Advantages of Forge handling your Manufacturing


Custom manufacturing to ISO:9001


Access to our knowledge and expertise at every step


A dedicated Account Manager to support your needs

Production engineering

High-quality products made as efficiently as possible

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