Architectural LED Lighting

Our client required a compact LED solution for recessed handrail illumination. The solution needed to consider self-contained heatsinking to allow our client to sell the LED solution for handrails of multiple materials, not just metal. 
IP67 and IK10 impact protection
Custom optic 
Modular solution
Manufactured in batches of 2000

The Challenge

World-beating light distribution efficiency, small size, high ingress & impact protection - the world's best handrail light - no problem!
Size was limited to a maximum of  Ø 20mm
IP67 rating
IK10 impact rating
Light uniformity and intensity on the ground to be superior to the competition and allow greater spacing between LEDs
Needs to suit both round and square handrails (1.5mm - 2.5mm thickness), curved Ø60mm
A custom insertion tool to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism
Self-contained thermal management
Aesthetically designed for a sleek finish and custom branded

The Solution 

We utilised our Tracepro optical modelling software to design symmetric & asymmetric custom Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optics with greater uniformity than the benchmark solution. 

We then designed a modular custom CNC machined housing that:
Efficiently manages the LED temperature without the need for secondary heatsinking
Cleverly houses the optic to provide IK10 impact protection & IP67 ingress protection from the front.
Utilises a two-part wire exit sealing system with a silicone rubber bung to provide strain relief for the wires & IP67 protection to the rear.

The Result

An Ø 18mm modular LED luminaire with 2 optic options, 2 housings and 2 LED CCTs to create 10 different SKUs.

We've delivered over 10,000 pieces since launch.

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