LED Photometric Testing

A view of a photometric test laboratory with specialized equipment and setups. The laboratory environment is organized and well-equipped for conducting photometric tests on lighting fixtures or optical components. The image conveys the controlled and technical nature of the testing environment

Laboratory Testing

Our R&D capability is supported by a comprehensive in-house LED photometric test laboratory that enables us to fully qualify and evaluate the products that we design for you.
Due to the innovative nature of our work we’ve frequently had to develop test equipment ourselves from first principles and this has enabled us to address the specific needs of industries that are just joining the Wonderful World of LEDs!
testing facility
Design diligence,  supporting design from first principles
LED life 
Product lifetime 

Life Testing

We’ve long been advocates of physical life testing as a means of establishing robust confidence in the reliability of the LED products we design and manufacture.  And while the LED lighting industry has established well proven LED life prediction methods with LM-80 and TM-21 standards, there’s simply no substitute for real-life long-term life testing.  So we’ve an extensive life test facility that houses a wide range of our LED products some of which have been running for well over a decade, and counting!
A close-up photograph of a specialised industrial testing machine with a visible graph display. The machine is configured for testing purposes, possibly evaluating the performance or properties of materials or components. The graph display indicates data collected during the testing process, highlighting the analytical capabilities of the equipment.

Advantages of Forge Testing


Purpose-built facility, controlled test environment 

Our Knowledge

We know the standards - IESNA LM-80, TM-21, TM-35 and the rest

Test data

We can provide photometric data to support your new product launch


"Does what it says on the tin"

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