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Top 10 LED Design Tips

19 September 2017
1 Know the LED Landscape You are spoilt for choice in the marketplace for LEDs with multiple package offerings from […]
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Feel Good Factor - Tunable White

13 November 2018
Tunable white LED solutions are the easiest and most cost-effective way to take control of your lighting. A tunable solution […]
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Consider custom LED solutions and wave goodbye to obsolescence

27 February 2019
In recent years there has been a big push in a wide range of markets to pursue standardisation whether its […]
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Create your ideal LED based grow lighting

2 April 2019
A one size fits all approach is rarely the best solution, and when it comes to lighting for horticulture, agriculture, […]
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LED PCB Design Principles

31 July 2019
Our IPC qualified engineers use the latest CAD software to design circuit boards that are optimised to be manufactured. The […]
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A guide to colour LEDs

2 February 2023
Colour LEDs provide unparalleled design flexibility, allowing architects and engineers to create unique and visually stunning lighting designs. From accent […]
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Broaden your spectrum - non-visible LEDs

6 July 2022
Infrared and Ultraviolet are the terms used to describe radiant light that is beyond the limits of human vision at […]
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Enhancing the living environment with LED

30 May 2022
The health benefits of quality LED lighting include balanced circadian rhythm, reduced headaches and increased productivity and performance in the […]
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Intra China Production Process

30 March 2021
As an added value manufacturing partner Forge have the capabilities to tailor the manufacturing process to your needs. Do you […]
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