Enhancing the living environment with LED

Enhancing the living environment with LED

30 May 2022
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The health benefits of quality LED lighting include balanced circadian rhythm, reduced headaches and increased productivity and performance in the workplace. These benefits are now well documented, with more and more LED manufacturers releasing LEDs developed for the human-centric lighting market.

The benefits beyond human well-being are also well documented. Research suggests the quantity and quality of light can affect the milk yield and fertility of cattle, poultry produce higher quality eggs at a greater rate with the right light and plant growth can increase up to 40% with a controlled LED environment producing more fruit and vegetables.

With these kinds of applications, the living environment is a fundamental consideration and with the use of using the LED technology, it can be enhanced considerably.

So, you're wondering how you do that? Simple, speak to us. With Forge as your LED manufacturing partner, we'll choose the right LED, design an optic that focuses the light where it's needed and we'll manufacture it all for you.

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