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5 x 8 2.4″ (61mm) Bi-Colour Dot Matrix Display

9 May 2022
5 x 8 2.4″ (61mm) Bi-Colour Dot Matrix Display
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LED Driver Failures

18 September 2017
LED components can be designed and selected to offer reliability and long life. However it is also critical to consider […]
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Electrical Safety

18 September 2017
Rules and regulations covering electrical safety have been developed by the EU to prevent the hazard of electrical shock in […]
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LED Failure Modes

19 September 2017
LED lighting is incredibly robust and reliable. However, the performance of LEDs can be reduced and even fail if the LED module […]
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LED PCB Design Principles

31 July 2019
Our IPC qualified engineers use the latest CAD software to design circuit boards that are optimised to be manufactured. The […]
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