Chip On Board LED Arrays

Chip On Board LED Arrays

13 September 2017
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Chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays represent a cost-effective route to deliver performance, colour quality and reliability to an LED based lighting product.

As a designated Cree Solutions Provider, offering an integrated design and manufacturing service, Forge can help lighting OEMs to successfully apply both the ceramic-based CXA/CXB and the metal-based CMA/CMT chip-on-board LED technology; maximising the performance gains available from these exciting product platforms, including the latest XLamp® eTone LEDs - offing 90-CRI colour at the same efficacy at today's 80-CRI LEDs.

High-Density Integrated Arrays Small (<14mm LES) Standard- Density Integrated Arrays Large (>14mm LES) Standard- Density Integrated Arrays
  • high-intensity spotlights, track lights and PAR replacement lamps
  • replacement of ceramic-metal-halide light sources high-lumen applications that could not be addressed by previous LED technologies
  • directional LED retrofit lamps
  • directional luminaires, including spot and track lighting
  • non-directional luminaires, including downlights
  • applications that traditionally use incandescent, halogen and CFL
  • directional luminaires, including flood and high output track lighting
  • non-directional luminaires, including downlights
  • mid- and high-bay lighting
  • applications that traditionally use ceramic and pulse-start metal halide

Chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays have become an established and increasingly adopted method of applying LED technology in a diverse range of lighting applications.

Cree COB LED arrays comprise LED chips that are pre-mounted onto a thermally-efficient substrate and encapsulated beneath a layer of phosphor to create a light-emitting surface (LES). This packaging method, complete with on-board solder pads, makes COB LED arrays deceptively easy to assemble, however, in common with all other LED technology it is important not to overlook the consideration of a wide range of design principles necessary to achieve an efficient, reliable and truly cost effective lighting product, notably:

  • Thermal design
  • Optical design
  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical design

To help our customers all of these areas are considered as part of Forge’s service, and we actively welcome enquiries relating to how successfully integrate chip-on-board LED technology in demanding applications.

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