Horticulture Lighting Case Study

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Plant growth is big business and using the latest LED technology combined with our expertise to create efficient plant growth solutions it’s set to be even bigger. We worked with our client to understand specific PPFD (photosynthetic Photon flux density levels) and YPFD figure (yield photon flux density levels), target uMole levels, generating irradiance modelling influences. This enabled us to put LED technology to use not only the design of the lighting but, its use in the application to achieve maximum effect.

  • Evaluation of LED to determine most efficient LED device and colour
  • Secondary optics to achieve narrow beam angle replicating nature of sunlight
  • Thermal design for effective heat dissipation
  • Irradiance modelling


Replace existing daylight replicating fluorescent lighting with LED to considerably reduce power consumption.


  • Replace fluorescent lighting without increasing power
  • Illumination heights above plants
  • uMole levels
  • Plant action spectrum
  • Sunlight replication
  • Even illumination


IMS LED PCB populated with 5 high power LEDs and secondary optic. Assembled into existing infrastructure in a combination of 30 strips. Thermal gasket supplied with strips for improved thermal performance.

Volumes – 200 – 2,500

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